Make arcade-style HTML5 games with Budgie!

About Budgie

Budgie is a lightweight game framework for HTML5 that allows you to create simple arcade-style games for the browser. It provides a command line tool to create new projects as well as a browser-side JavaScript library for game development. The API is designed to be easy to use and provide quick access to your game's assets. Budgie provides hooks for common events such as key presses and mouse clicks, which you can tap into to craft your game's controls.


Sprite system

Budgie is a sprite-based game engine. Event handling and drawing are implemented in classes representing game objects. Budgie automatically connects game events such a redrawing or mouse clicks to all your objects on the screen. This allows you to focus on developing your game entities with object-oriented programming.

Asset loading

Budgie provides a loading screen so that your game doesn't experience any pop-in due to unloaded assets. There's no need for developers to manually inject assets into their project - they are automatically added at compile time. Graphics, audio, and fonts can all be accessed using the engine's streamlined API.

Browser-based deployment

Budgie games are made for browsers. Compile JavaScript code into an arcade game that can run on any HTML5-compliant browser! HTML5 canvas and asset APIs are abstracted for more streamlined access within the engine. It even automatically handles window resizing and scaling your graphical assets, with optional anti-aliasing.


Contact us if you would like to report a bug or request a feature. We'd love to work with our community to constantly improve our products!